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"Wee Derry, The Living Book of Poetry & Short Stories"

What's Wee Derry About?
 By Dave Smith, Editor of the Wee Derry Magazine

Schools, Members of the Public and Businesses

Are requested to submit one or all of the following: English & Irish language submissions welcome.

a) Verse to add to Divad's Wee Derry poem

b) Poem

c) Short Story

All entries will be printed in the Book will feature in the Wee Derry Magazine.

Win Awards and spot prizes

20% of our profits are being donated to our chosen charities


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Wee Derry the Magazine

The magazines first edition will be officially released on 1st May 2017. This will feature local news and a special "Voice's" page (details to be released soon). The magazine contents will included, local reviews, news and many more features to be announced 1st April 2017. If you are in business dont miss out on our special advertising rates. The Wee Derry Magazine (Print and Online) working with advertisers, readers and reporters in harmony.

Wee Derry is about taking part, reading, writing, a strong partnership with our advertisers and readership for print and online. We are here to encourage the submissions of news stories for publishing in the Wee Derry magazine including the publishing of poetry and short stories.

Wee Derry, The Living Book of Poetry & Short Stories

The Wee Derry poems and short stories are designed to get the whole community and further afield writing. As a business Wee Derry is committed to providing our nominated charities with 20% of our profits. Our main charity this year is Stand Up To Cancer, with local nominated charities benefiting.  We’re hoping to receive entries from anyone willing to Stand Up and put pen to paper.  Every entry submitted will be published in the book (providing it does not break the rules). The book will be published during December 2017. However, get those entries coming in now you can submit as many as you want, each entry has a fee of £5 or £10. Awards for School Entries. Awards for English & Irish submissions.

Divad’s Wee Derry poem is a living work of poetry. It will breathe, grow and take shape from submissions received from the public, building on the initial poem that Divad wrote. The book will also contain poems and stories to be submitted by schools, members of the public and anyone who has the time to put pen to paper. Everyone in Unity & Creativity, Putting Pen to Paper

Entry Rules - For full entry details click here

No racism, in fact no “.ism’s” of any form. 
Have fun and enjoy your own creativity, be who you are. And don’t worry about dotting the “T’s”
Write about anything, you can even include your own sketch/drawing, if you want.
Putting Pen to Paper is a beginning. Start now and thanks.
Attempting, Doing, Taking Part, these on their own right, makes you a WINNER.

All Verses, Poems and Short Stories can be in English or Irish (For the Irish submissions, an English translation must be provided).


Entries are open to Everyone, Anywhere.

Your name as a contributor will be published in the book. Enter as many times as you want.

1) Add a verse of poetry to the Divad's Wee Derry Poem (Maximum of 50 words) Cost £5 per entry

2) Submit a poem or short story of your own work. [Max of 1000 words. No minimum number of words] Cost £10 per entry

3) Buy the official Wee Derry T-Shirt or our bespoke Wee Derry T-Shirt
4) Pre-order the Wee Derry book, as a reader you could win prizes

I have a Business how can I Help?

1) Business sponsorship in the book: Full page £150 or half page £100
2) Donation of Prizes 
3) Sponsor an Award. You name the award. Contact us for additional details.
4) Get together with your workmates and create a verse, poem or short story.

Go to 3ZombieDogs.com and enter now. Acceptable files for upload: txt, doc, pdf format. See website for rules, terms and conditions.

All Verses, Poems and Short Stories can be in English or Irish (For the Irish submissions, an English translation must be provided). 

Many thanks for taking the time to view our website and if you are interested in taking part please get in touch by completing the contact form on our website.

Best wishes,

Dave Smith, Editor of Wee Derry Magazine.















To give a donation to Stand Up To Cancer without taking part in the poetry then go direct to Stand Up To Cancer donation page http://www.justgiving.com/WeeDerry  and give what you can afford.


the Magazine, released 1st May 2017